Domestic Violence Solicitors in Bournemouth

You have the right to feel safe in your own home. If you are the victim of domestic violence, whether it be at the hands of a partner or other family member, our specialist family law solicitors can help you seek protection for you and your children.

We can offer you support, understanding and a reliable service designed to secure a safe future for you.

We can help you access a range of court protection orders, including Non Molestation Orders and Occupation Orders as well as providing other services such as divorce, Child Arrangements Orders, and conveyancing advice to empower you to break completely free from the situation and start moving on with your life.

Our service includes urgent applications to obtain emergency protection where necessary. However, if you and/or your children are at immediate risk of harm, we recommend that you call the police.

We can also guide you towards other support services specifically dedicated to helping men and women who have experienced domestic violence.

For empathetic, 100% confidential advice, get in touch with our domestic violence solicitors by giving us a call at our office or emailing Our clients come to us from across Bournemouth, Poole and the wider Dorset area for our expertise and friendly, discreet approach.

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic violence, or domestic abuse, can take place in many forms, including:

  • Physical – e.g. hitting, kicking, spitting, throwing
  • Emotional, mental or psychological – e.g. insulting you, controlling you, gaslighting you (causing you to doubt your own words, actions and intentions)
  • Sexual – e.g. forcing you to do sexual acts without your consent, taking pictures or videos of you without your consent
  • Financial or economic – e.g. controlling your accounts and cards, controlling and monitoring your spending, forbidding spending with their permission
  • Coercive control – a pattern of controlling, threatening and coercive behaviour that can involve all types of violence, including physical, sexual and psychological

Both men and women of any age, race, religion or sexual orientation can be the victim of domestic abuse. However, it is predominantly women who are affected.

Forced marriage and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) are also forms of domestic violence. Both are illegal, even if the victim is taken to another country to go through with it.

How our domestic violence solicitors can help you

We have a strict code of client confidentiality and will never discuss anything you tell us with anyone without your express permission (e.g. if we need to apply for a court order).

We will also discuss your preferred forms of communication with you and ensure that we stick to them at all times, whether this be emails, phone calls, or letters.

Non Molestation Orders

A Non Molestation Order (also called an Injunction) can stop your abuser from threatening you or your children and prevent them from coming near you or where you live.

If your abuser breaches the Injunction, you can call the police and they will be arrested.

It is possible to get an emergency Injunction where you need immediate protection. You do not have to tell the abuser that you are applying for an Injunction.

Occupation Orders

An Occupation Order can stop your abuser from living in your home or entering the local area.

You can get an Occupation Order if:

  • You own or rent your home and it is or was intended to be shared with a partner, family member, or parent of your child
  • You do not own or rent your home but you live in it with the owner who is your spouse or civil partner (matrimonial home rights)
  • Your former spouse or civil partner is the owner/tenant of your home and it is/was intended to be your shared matrimonial home
  • Your cohabiting partner is the owner/tenant of your home and the home is/was intended to be your shared home

Protection from Harassment

If someone – whether they be a former partner, family member, neighbour or even a complete stranger – is behaving in a way that makes you feel scared, distressed, humiliated or threatened, we can help you seek an Injunction. Their behaviour could include:

  • Unwanted phone calls, texts, emails or visits
  • Online abuse/cyber bullying
  • Stalking/following you
  • Verbal abuse
  • Damage to your property

Divorce and civil partnership dissolution

If you need to get a divorce or civil partnership dissolution from your partner, we can help you through the process, including sorting out financial arrangements and making decisions about children.

We will make sure that you never have to deal directly with your former partner and will expertly negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you get everything you are entitled to.

For general information, visit our Divorce Solicitors page.

Children law

Disputes over children when there are domestic violence issues can be extremely upsetting for the victim. We understand that your children’s safety and happiness is your absolute priority. Fortunately, the courts are required to only make decisions that promote a child’s welfare and are in their best interests. They will not force a child to spend time with an abusive parent simply because they are related or the abuser wants contact.

We can apply for a range of children related court orders, including Child Arrangements Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders and Specific Issue Orders.

We will ensure that all the issues are highlighted and, in serious cases, aim to get the abusive parent’s parental responsibility severely limited so that they can cause no further harm.

Conveyancing and residential property

We can provide advice on all residential property matters, including buying and selling your home and landlord and tenant issues.

We are members of the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme  and our property solicitors are able to work efficiently with the family team when there is a background of domestic violence.

Domestic violence fees

You may be eligible for legal aid if you can supply evidence of domestic violence against you and/or your children and you cannot afford your legal costs. You can obtain evidence from many sources, including:

  • The courts
  • The police
  • Support services
  • A health professional, such as your GP
  • Your employer to education providers
  • You bank, such as statements and loan documents
  • Your benefits provider

We will discuss fees with you at our first meeting, including your eligibility for legal aid and details of our flexible fees. We will always be upfront and open about our fees so you won’t have to worry about any unexpected costs.

Useful resources

As well as our legal services, the following are some useful helplines and websites you can use to get additional support:

If you and/or your children are at immediate risk of harm and it is an emergency, call the police on 999.

Why choose Preston Redman’s domestic abuse solicitors?

At Preston Redman, we are highly experienced at dealing with family law matters that involve domestic violence. Whether you need protection from an abusive partner or relative, or you are taking other steps to remove yourself from the situation, such as moving house or getting a divorce, you will be safe in our hands.

Our domestic violence solicitors will approach your matter sensitively, providing practical advice about all your options to help you make the best decisions about what action to take. We are discreet and operate a strict policy of client confidentiality. This means that we will never share anything you tell us (or even confirm that you are our client) to anyone without your express permission.

We are members of the Law Society Family Law Advanced Accreditation scheme for our expertise in complex family law matters, particularly those involving domestic violence.

Our Family Law Team is headed by the highly reputable Tim Flower, a solicitor and Partner within our firm with around 15 years’ experience. Tim is an accredited Family Law Advanced specialist. He also heads up our Litigation Team, with considerable experience in bringing and defending legal claims on behalf of individuals.

Preston Redman is independently regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Get in touch with our domestic violence solicitors in Bournemouth, Dorset

To set up a confidential initial consultation with a member of our team, give us a call at our office or email Our clients come to us from across Bournemouth, Poole and the wider Dorset area for our expertise and friendly, discreet approach.